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(someone) 48192f8793 remove ServerStopper.iml 5 years ago
(someone) 552db93ee7 lots of things 5 years ago
(someone) 752bcfa9b7 ??? lol idk what this is 5 years ago
(someone) 7c7992f5eb So many changes my head is spinning 6 years ago
(someone) 8c87b9f830 More progress on 1.1 6 years ago
(someone) 8558c89871 Multiple changes in prep for 1.1 6 years ago
(someone) 440ab4122c Release 1.0 6 years ago
(someone) 966ec0d091 Oops 6 years ago
(someone) 7ead19cac5 Add info and clean up README 6 years ago
(someone) 008cd3585c Moved some things around and got rid of some IDEA crap. 6 years ago
(someone) bac88a9bf1 Updated README and LICENSE. We're ready for liftoff. 6 years ago
(someone) 600d9b18c9 Removed Travis CI config 6 years ago
(someone) 3ea5644d03 Derp 6 years ago
(someone) 73ee585604 Travis setup (and some idea shit I guess) 6 years ago
(someone) 8c63f48b08 Update .gitlab-ci.yml 6 years ago
(someone) 7a06abf5b0 First commit under new maven driven system. 6 years ago