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  • Stabila 1.0-RELEASE 440ab4122c


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    This release has been migrated from the project's old home at GitLab. It is highly recommended to use version 1.2+

    This is the first release version of ServerStopper. For information on installing and using ServerStopper, take a look at

    Download the release JAR: ServerStopper-1.0-RELEASE.jar (recommended)

    If you are downloading using wget, remember to use the --content-disposition option so you get the correct filename.

    To install, simply drop the JAR in your server's plugins folder and restart your server. Upgrading from an older version of ServerStopper while the server is running may cause errors. I should look into creating a safer update mechanism in the future.

    Download the artifact zip generated by GitLab CI: GitLab CI Build Artifacts (release JAR is inside the target folder)