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<h2> is closing</h2>
powered by <b>mikuru!git</b> (a slightly modified <a href="">gitea</a>)
<h2> git repo hosting</h2>
<h3>shutdown update</h3>
Recently, we announced that the service would be shutting down. There has been a change of plans as our new owners have decided to keep the service running indefinitely. That means you don't need to migrate your repositories and can continue using this service as you see fit.
We regret to inform our users that will be shutting down within the next year, as drg has dissolved and is getting rid of their assets. We will not be locking or limiting any features, but you may encounter some errors when working with large projects. We recommend that all users migrate their projects to another service as soon as possible.
Where should you go? Our partners are building a new service that you can use and trust, but it's not ready yet. Until then, consider one of the following: <a href="">Codeberg</a>,,, GitHub (Microsoft)
Where do we go from here? We are currently in the development and planning stage of a brand new service similar to this one. When the new service launches, this one will be deprecated. You are welcome to continue using this service, but new users will be directed to the new one. We hope you'll join us on the new service when it launches.
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