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  • bug
    Nasty little critters that negatively impact the usability of the site. Smashing them is fun and helpful!
  • duplicate
    Already got that one, boss. Search for existing issues before opening a new one.
  • feature request
    Ideas for how to expand the service? Those are all right here.
  • invalid
    These issues were closed because they don't contain any useful information or are generally unhelpful to improving the site.
  • low priority
    These problems are valid, but we don't think they're very important so we'll worry about them later.
  • priority
    These issues need to be fixed fast, Jack!
  • themes
    Looking for things that need a makeover? These issues are related to the themes and styling of the website.
  • workaround
    The comments of these issues describe workarounds for the problem. Hopefully that'll help until we get it fixed.