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This is the documentation for the old versions of wup.ovh.


This is based on the JumpCallPop JsTypeHax (aka WiiUTest) exploit. Unfortunately, JumpCallPop's GitHub account was removed, leaving our archived source repo.

The latest changes to upstream are available in the archived source repo under the fast branch. While these changes do make the exploit much faster, they also make it far less reliable. The most reliable version of the exploit available is on the stable branch, which is also the version actively hosted on my servers.

A new version of the exploit was later made available on GitHub. This version is available as an experimental option on wup.ovh.


The stable, cleanup, and fast branches in the archived source repo have changes to make them compatible with SSI, or Server Side Includes, an Nginx feature that allows the server to generate certain parts of pages without requiring PHP or something similar. A version of stable with the SSI requirements removed is available under the nossi branch.


The cleanup branch is available to make things easier to understand. The original JsTypeHax repo came with a bunch of stuff that, as far as I can tell, isn't actually useful for the exploit. The cleanup branch is the same as stable but has none of the extra stuff. The cleanup branch is largely untested, so if I nuked something that actually is important... Uh... Oops.


Self-hosting the exploit can help improve the reliability if you have a slow internet connection. You can checkout the nossi branch of the archived source repo and host it with any old webserver, or you can checkout the stable branch and host it with Nginx, assuming SSI is enabled (simply put ssi on; in the config file). More detailed instructions for self-hosting may be posted soon.

And Finally, Credits

Once again, all credit for the exploit itself goes to JumpCallPop and everyone else who helped him get this working. We just run this gateway.

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