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Welcome to Forgejo

Hi there! Tired of big platforms playing monopoly? Providing Git hosting for your project, friends, company or community? Forgejo (/for'd͡ʒ inspired by forĝejo – the Esperanto word for forge) has you covered with its intuitive interface, light and easy hosting and a lot of builtin functionality.

Forgejo was created in 2022 because we think that the project should be owned by an independent community. If you second that, then Forgejo is for you! Our promise: Independent Free/Libre Software forever!

What does Forgejo offer?

If you like any of the following, Forgejo is literally meant for you:

  • Lightweight: Forgejo can easily be hosted on nearly every machine. Running on a Raspberry? Small cloud instance? No problem!
  • Project management: Besides Git hosting, Forgejo offers issues, pull requests, wikis, kanban boards and much more to coordinate with your team.
  • Publishing: Have something to share? Use releases to host your software for download, or use the package registry to publish it for docker, npm and many other package managers.
  • Customizable: Want to change your look? Change some settings? There are many config switches to make Forgejo work exactly like you want.
  • Powerful: Organizations & team permissions, CI integration, Code Search, LDAP, OAuth and much more. If you have advanced needs, Forgejo has you covered.
  • Privacy: From update checker to default settings: Forgejo is built to be privacy first for you and your crew.
  • Federation: (WIP) We are actively working to connect software forges with each other through ActivityPub, and create a collaborative network of personal instances. Interested? Read more

Learn more

Subscribe to releases and blog post on our website, find us on the Fediverse or hop into our Matrix room if you have any questions or want to get involved.

Get involved

If you are interested in making Forgejo better, either by reporting a bug or by changing the governance, please take a look at the contribution guide.