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wup.ovh: Wii U 5.5.2+ browser pwn

You've found the wiki for wup.ovh, a popular homebrew entrypoint access gate for the Wii U's 5.5.2 firmware browser.

SSL Support

It is not recommended to access wup.ovh over SSL on your Wii U. Clearing the browser data and minimizing the amount of data the browser loads before the exploit can affect the reliability, so SSL is not supported by the hosted access gate. An SSL mirror is available at https://ssl.wup.ovh/ for testing and use with HTTPS only setups.


This is based on the JumpCallPop JsTypeHax (aka WiiUTest) exploit.

The new version contained in this repository is based upon this version.

Old Stable Version

The access gate is currently hosting an old version of the exploit based on a snapshot from before the repository was rebased. An archive of that repository and it's various branches is available with documentation below.